Interview Transcripts

2015 – Peter Kennedy (PK) interviewed by curator (NGV) Max Delany (MD) for the State Library of Queensland’s James C. Sourris Artist Interview Series, 16 March, Melbourne (PK edit 9/9/16).
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2014 – (i) Peter Kennedy (PK) interviewed on luminal art – with emphasis on his neon installations – by curator (AGNSW) Deborah Edwards (DE), 18 March, Melbourne (PK edit 13/9/16) continued Part 2
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2014 – ii) continued from Part 1 Peter Kennedy (PK) and Deborah Edwards (DE) interview, 16 October, Melbourne (PK edit 13/9/16)
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2011 – Peter Kennedy (PK) interviewed on his video art by Christopher Meigh-Andrews (C M-A), 14 October, Melbourne (PK edit December, 2011)
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2010 – Peter Kennedy (PK) interviewed on his video art by Stephen Jones (SJ), 16 September, Melbourne (PK edit December, 2012)
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1998 – Peter Kennedy interviewed by Anne Marsh (AM), Melbourne. Originally titled Peter Kennedy – Poetics, politics & a silent music (Globe E journal). This is a three-part interview on his installation practice in the 1990s.
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1989 – Peter Kennedy (PK) interviewed by exhibition curator Sue Cramer (SC) for exhibition catalogue Inhibodress 1970 – 1972 Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Brisbane (PK edit July, 1989)
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1976 – Peter Kennedy (PK) interviewed by Geoffrey De Groen (GDG), 15 January, Sydney. This interview was published in Geoffrey De Groen’s book Conversations with Australian Artists (Quartet, Melbourne, 1978). In it, Peter Kennedy talks about his project Introductions, 1974-76, and his reconceptualisation of art making as a dissenting, socially directed, practice.
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Video Interviews

Peter Kennedy talking about Neon Light Installations at Museum of Contemporary Art, Oct 2014 (published Apr. 2015)

Peter Kennedy talking about his work in Melbourne Now exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria, Oct. 2013

Peter Kennedy talking about A Language of the Dead at National Gallery of Australia, Sep. 2013

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Kennedy pays tribute to the God particle at Melbourne Now – ABC Arts

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Art NationEpisode 39, ABC TV, 2011

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